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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  February 4, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> on john heilman --i am john heilman. >> and i'm mark halperin and "with all due respect" to the atlanta falcons, we've got a great show for you tonight. [cheering] [laughter] >> on the show tonight, rand paul and everybody gets high. but first, the president of these united states gave a speech about the economy in the motor city -- the next president of these united states give a speech about the economy in the motor city. john, how did jeb bush do?
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>> he did all right. not great. >> the prompter. >> it was a piece of symbolism going to detroit the inner area, talking about mobility being more inclusive. that's a good place to start. >> the last few presidents gave speeches that would wow the crowd. he was very loose during the q&a. i still say the strength of the messages it can be given during the general election. it takes a lot of guts to run for your party from nomination and say exactly what you would they if you were the nominee. he did that. >> he talked about immigration. he did not use the words common core, but he talked about education standards. he clearly said, i am not going to give an inch of those things. >> and once again, rand paul put out his previous policy
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positions and welcomes the debate. i think mr. bush did himself a lot of good today because he showed who he is and that it is the key -- that is the key to his candidacy. if he can't be who he is and not change, he can win. >> we will come back to that. you remember on monday, dr. rand paul said that he had heard of mental disorders after being that donated. today, he said he never said that vaccines cause disorders. do you think that he is out of the problem he created for himself? >> there are still three problems are displayed. first of all, the statement he referred to -- on monday he said he had heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking normal children who ended up with disorders after vaccine spirit that does not specifically say causation. but anyone would get that
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impression. he said i did not say vaccines cause disorders. you can read the rest of it there. >> [indiscernible] >> there are three things. he is a strong candidate in a lot of ways. fundraising, message impressiveness. he is a likable guy. but he cannot go out and just they -- no humor or humility about it. second, he continues to attack the liberal media. that will work for you in the short-term, but not long-term. the last thing is, you cannot as a doctor use it as a strength and turn it into a weakness. >> is ridiculous. he knew exactly what he was saying and what the impression was and now he is parsing it in a really careful way. i think it's possible that this will blow over but it is interesting to see him backpedal this too recognize he is getting cast as a fringe guy -- to recognize he is getting cast
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as a french guy. >> --as a fringe guy. >> he should not have been so dogmatic. we asked his office that there was an apparent conflict between these two statements. they said they stand by the statement. it is not a good long-term strategy. >> and also how the liberal media misreported this. a picture of him getting vaccinated and the cheese quotient of their offense my sensibilities on a lot of levels. >> is another warning sign about this candidacy. for all its strengths, he's still needs to get his own personal house in order. all right, so raise your hand if you smoked pot. yeah. meanwhile the republican candidates for president are watching. many are raising their hands at home. jeb bush, ted cruz, and rand paul have admitted or insinuated
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they smoked weed when they were young and the sky has not fallen on them. john, what will be off-limits and what will be on limits for the young and irresponsible category? >> it is a long time now -- justice ginsburg. basically everyone has smoked pot now, right? al gore. the president. what you have to say generally is this formulation -- i experimented. i was young. it was youthful indiscretion. it was a huge mistake. that formulation covers a lot. there are things you can't do. mescaline, peyote. >> can a republicans say i used cocaine and be the republican nominee? >> i think it republican can't do that. it may be more difficult -- >> i think it would be hard for a republican to cocaine. i will say in terms of how you handle it, right --
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>> yes. >> there are questions that derive from "i smoked pot." how young, how old. >> george w. bush, he was, i was young and irresponsible. that is the gold standard. what is great about that, that was not hypocritical. these i find incredibly hypocritical. >> rand paul went after george bush -- >> i was waiting for a politician to say i did it, i still love it, i'm doing it now. in our latest poll we ask for hundred likely republican caucus goers in iowa if they believe islam is an inherently violent religion that leads its followers to violent acts or on the other hand it is an inherently peaceful religion but there are some that twist its teachings to violence? you can see the results on the big board. 53% believe that islam is
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inherently peaceful but 39%, a big number, say an inherently violent. this is a cop located picture for republicans going into a campaign -- a cultivated picture for republicans going into a campaign for national security could matter a lot. >> that is the iowa number. i would imagine that the number of republicans is not too far off. it may be different for democrats. it will be interesting to say what republican candidates say to that. we tried to survey them today but we did not get responses. jeb bush in detroit talked about the need to reach out and have a more humble foreign policy, but at the same time there is clearly an appetite to hear and they islamic -- anti-islamic rhetoric. >> this will not be a satisfying answer, but it is clear that there is a lane for anti-islamic rhetoric and there is a clear mainstream lane. i think you can play it either
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way and be successful. >> all right coming up -- we look at jeb's motown speech and get out our political scalpels after the break. ♪
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>> if for some reason you missed jeb bush for a big speech in detroit, you are in luck. we are bringing in our guest, a veteran of the presidential campaigns of bill clinton and al gore. he is a democrat. we brought him in to slice and dice that speech. mark and i devoted our entire afternoon to the speech. we have what we think are his very best lines. we will play that for you. >> all right. >> i know some in the media think that conservatives do not care about the cities but they are wrong.
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we believe that every american in every community has the right to pursue happiness. let's go where our ideas matter the most, where the failures of liberal government polys are most obvious. let's deliver real conservative success. and you know what will happen? we will create a whole lot of new conservatives. >> mike, that is not the most powerful peas of oratory in the world, but talk about the message and the presentation -- piece of oratory in the world but talk about the message and the presentation. >> that show someone who is electable while still mining the conservative base. he says, we're going to go after the electorate that have not been available to republicans the last election cycle. doing a speech in michigan, which is a loose state -- >> in detroit, which is a blue city -- which is a blue state -- >> in detroit which is a blue city. >> is that good enough to get elected or not? >> he will need to have plenty
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of time on a prompter. he would need to get better. it is certainly possible. there's a lot of time left. during the q&a, which we will look at now, he was a lot more conversational. >> let's go to the q&a. a lot of good questions. the detroit economic club, very sophisticated group of citizens. and then the elephant in the room question -- how you run as a bush? >> on another level i know it is an interesting challenge for me. one if i have any degree of self-awareness, this would be the place where it might want to be applied -- if i was to go beyond the consideration of running, i would have to deal with this and turn this act into an opportunity to show who i am, to connect on a human level.
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so people begin to -- and offer ideas that are important to people so when they think of me they think that i am on their side, that i care about them, and the issues i am passionate about will help them rise up. >> i think that's an awesome answer because it is honest. it is saying to people, give me a chance. >> and by the way, he is not going to change his name, right? he has a couple of choices. talk about the complicating elements of this campaign. at his name is one of them. he will not only have to do find himself in contrast with his opponent, whoever that may be in the primary and general election, but he will have to define himself in contrast to his brother and his father. >> right. >> he is laying that out on the table, but that is something he knows going in. >> so, he said things that are warm and affectionate about his brother. his father.
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so if you go up to jeb bush and say, what you think of your brother's presidency? what do you think of that question mark how do you handle that? >> first by not taking on that question directly -- >> but it he is asked that directly? what do you say? >> i think you say i admire my brother, i admire his leadership. .22 or three things about his presidency that you can admire about him and then move on -- point to two or three things about his presidency that you can admire about him and then move on. >> it is a bugaboo about him. do you think he will be comfortable answering that or not? >> no i'm sure he has been asked in conversations privately and in his own life, but he has other issues that i would say
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are more complicated than just his last name. this speech actually laid out all of them today. he has to position himself as a general election. he has to keep one eye if not two eyes -- >> at least two eyes -- >> fixated on the republican party and that will be a tough road to hell. >> -- tough row to hoe. >> and he did that today by taking some shots that liberals. >> and also, he is going to iowa. look, if he can navigate that line if he can win the nomination, get enough support among conservatives to be competitive and when the nomination and still maintain his viability as a strong general election candidate, then he will be from edible. >> we hat -- from edible.
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-- formidable. >> we have a third clip. i think down the road we will look at this as something historic. let's play that. >> i think this time around there are a couple of things that will help republicans. one the desire to win. it is lonely sticking your head through the white house gate and wondering what is going on. eight years as a long time. i think there will be disciplined to recognize how important this race is to the country. if i go beyond the consideration of running, i hope i have the discipline to stop from turning back and getting into food fights -- on both sides. both parties. we shall see. >> that shows perspective, but
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not necessarily an aggressive killer instinct. just talk about that. read the tao of that statement. >> i wish him luck with that. he will be on a stage with 15 other candidates. he will have to be able to do the give-and-take and afterwards we will want to see that. you cannot run this entire campaign standing up on a stage behind a teleprompter giving policy speeches. >> can he run without attacking another republican? >> as always, it depends on what you mean by attacking. >> what rand paul said is a bad idea. can he simply talk about his own agenda? >> sure, with independent expenditures and third parties out there, he can essentially try to run above the fray, but there will be moments when he will have to get into the back work with other candidates. directly one-on-one. >> you think that he is the most
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formidable general election candidate the republicans have correct? >> yes. >> who would be second? >> that's a good question. chris christie on paper, but i have real questions about whether he can navigate the minefield without -- >> you hear from philadelphia people have a traditional inman see an suspicion of people -- enmity and suspicion of people from jersey, right? >> i have heard people say that they respect governor christie's force of will. not so much anymore. >> thank you very much. when we come back was reggie love really good for president obama and did he have game? we put him through the test. ♪
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>> our guest tonight is this man, reggie love. he has a new book out called "power forwards." it is clever and convenient because tonight he plays some basketball. tonight we will see how good a body man reggie love really is. and standing in for your principal will be john. first scenario -- senator john heilman, the first papal of the campaign trail. fundraising. go. >> hi. nice to meet you. >> this country is one of the most corrupt -- >> the federal reserve was started by a bunch of rich white people!
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it is just enriching the rich and stealing money out of the pockets of the poor! >> can i see your card? >> oh, my card? sure. >> [laughter] >> cheerio. >> that went really well. you stepped right in and asked for the guy's card. >> or the candidate's guy, whatever the case may be. >> i think he had a chance to express himself a bit. >> he was a lunatic. he was one of those crazy libertarian nuts. >> you have to step in if the candidate is being harassed. >> waving the cap tale class is a pretty good indicator. -- the cocktail glass is a pretty good indicator. when i worked with president
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obama, he was very good at giving everyone a chance. >> how did you know if someone was going over to much? >> he was pretty good at getting into it, too. >> they say that president obama was a better speechwriter than his speechwriter, and apparently a better body man than his body man. >> he could body man himself. >> another situation a rope line. >> hi! [all yelling] >> very nice to see you. oh! >> and scene. scene. a lot happening on that rope line. >> i saw that thing flying and i thought he threw a turkey at me. >> and reggie love stepped right in.
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how often do you see reporters sneak up the rope? >> they will do anything to get a story. >> do you take them out? >> you cannot take them out. >> even a really obnoxious one like that? >> you just tell them that the senator is not taking questions. >> what about when the football comes flying? the stuff ever get thrown at barack obama? >> you know, with the shoe -- nothing ever got thrown at him. thank god. hopefully i would have been able to help out a little bit. >> good hands. >> we did the cocktail party and the rope line. two staples. what is the toughest place to staff? >> i would say the toughest ones are when you have way too many
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people then should actually be in the room. if you are in an apartment that has maxed 20 people -- that has probably max 20 people and it has 50 and you have to get out in a reasonable time. >> what was your biggest screw up as a body man? >> i left a bag in a room before one of the debates. you always screw up -- when you are trying to find a meal in the middle of iowa, you get some bad options. >> especially when your candidate is a big eater. >> when you are campaigning and i will -- >> there is a fundamental problem. the man does not like mayonnaise . getting food in iowa, it is hard. >> it is hard. >> i can testify. >> it is a bad day when you what your boss scrape mayonnaise off
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a sandwich with a knife. >> let's see the reggie love football toss. throw it right back. pretty nice. >> oh my gosh. >> i cannot believe you got that pass. congratulations on the book. >> if i run for public office you will be my body man. >> also we want to thank our cocktail party attendees as well as the rope liners. reggie love's book is out now. you can buy it pretty much anywhere good books are sold. we will be right back. ♪
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>> we are live 24-7. >> the big motown speech as well as what is going on in the world of politics. "bloomberg -- "taking stock" is next. [inaudible]
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>> i am pimm fox and this is what i am taking stock of four wednesday, february 4, 2015. the european central bank shut off money to grace as the ecb doubts the great government will follow existing rules. the great prime minister -- greek prime minister spoke about finding a solution. >> we want to write correct this -- re-correct this framework. this will be a


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